I wrote a truly miserly amount of words today. What can I say? Just wasn’t feeling it. Tomorrow will be better (hopefully).

Project: Frankenstein High #1
Deadline: March 7, 2011 (first draft)
New words written: 148
Total word count: 4,719

4719 / 30000 words. 16% done!

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Slightly lazy day

I just barely made my word count today, mostly because I was busy entering in a ton of giveaways on blogs all day. I love giveaways, but I hardly ever win anything.

Anyway, then I got a block on where to go with a scene for about eight hours, but after some time in the shower– which is where I get all my best ideas, really– I figured out what to do and I completed my wordcount after all.

I AM getting a bit bored with this section, though. I think I’ll work in a fight scene or something next, because if I’m bored than probably my readers will be, too. I know I’m going to have to edit the last few pages later anyway, though, so I’ll try not to worry about it so much right now.

Project: Frankenstein High #1
Deadline: March 7, 2011 (first draft)
New words written: 1,502
Total word count: 4,571

4571 / 30000 words. 15% done!

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I was right!

Switching the POV from one character to another has (I hope), made this book WAY more interesting. Plus it’s more fun for me to write, so that’s nice.

I ended up not redoing the outline after all because…I kind of don’t need to? Yeah, it’s focused on the wrong character, but the character I’m focusing on now is still in there doing stuff, and all I really have to do is turn my “camera” around to that new POV instead of the old POV.

(Does anyone else have a camera in their brain? You know, one that’s “recording” what’s going on in their book? Maybe not. Maybe I’m just a werido.)

Anyway, what I REALLY need to do is flesh out the secondary characters a bit, come up with more tertiary characters (and their background stories/names/etc) and make a list of the ones I’ve already stuck in there, lest I forget their names.

Meanwhile, I think I’m holding my arms weird or something when I’m typing, because I’m feeling a big OW in my shoulder after typing for a while. I may have to switch to my netbook for novel writing? Eh.

Project: Frankenstein High #1
Deadline: March 7, 2011 (first draft)
New words written: 2,646
Total word count: 3,069

3069 / 30000 words. 10% done!

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Slight roadblock

So I had written almost 1800 words today for my YA urban fantasy book and I was feeling way proud of myself. But then. Uh. I thought of a better way to do this story– a way that’s about completely different from the stuff I had already written. So I had to start over.

On the one hand, it’s super annoying. On the other hand, I’m liking it a lot more and I think it’ll go a lot quicker. With the other way, I felt almost like I was forcing stuff that didn’t want to be forced? But with this way I feel much more confident about how it’s going.

So ~*mysterious*~. Whatever, it’ll make sense in the final version.

Project: Frankenstein High #1
Deadline: March 7, 2011 (for first draft)
New words written: 423
Total word count: 423

423 / 30000 words. 1% done!

(Stats style yanked from Cherie Priest.)

So tomorrow I’ve got to rewrite the outline so it makes sense with the new POV and do more backstory stuff for the characters.

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2011 Writing Goals

Since I’ve never finished writing anything longer than a blog post before, I figure I need to start off pretty easy with my writing goals. So for 2011? All I want is to write one complete book, from first draft to final draft. Then I want to publish it. I’m pretty sure I can do this because a) I want to, b) I’m going to try really hard and c) I feel confident I can do it.

We’ll see how my confidence is after I show my drafts to my mother.

Anyway, I, er, haven’t actually started writing my book yet, but I’ve got a complete outline. And…a lot of confidence? Right.

My daily word goal is 1500 words, and I’m hoping the final version will be somewhere around 30000-45000. I’m starting the writing tomorrow; I’ll be posting daily-ish updates on how I’m doing.

Oh, and the book? Is a YA urban fantasy. It’s got a tough heroine with an even tougher family, and I’m hoping it’ll end up as awesome as I want it to be.

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